Bringing Hope to Innocent Children

Aid the Children is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization

We Distribute 
To Those Suffering With HIV
We Support Antiretrovirals


This is a powerful blend of seaweed ocean vegetables grown in the sea, bursting with 100's of phytonutrients and ocean trace minerals.

 the Immune System

The seaweed blend & ocean trace minerals strengthens the body's immunity to fight infection and disease.

Helps the Body 
Fight Back

When HIV invades the body, the body becomes weak in fighting off disease.  Along with nutritious food, Ocean Treasure helps the body fight. 
Hope for the 
Ocean Treasure works together with ARV'S to gives children & adults back their appetite, laughter, strength and power to live full and joy filled lives.

This Means:

Restored Appetites / No More Rashes / No More Mouth Sores / Playful Energy   

And More Precious Time

Who We Serve

Aid the Children has a heart for all children & adults around the world whom are plagued with the misfortune of HIV.
Most of our patients reside in Africa, as this beautiful continent sadly houses the highest percentage of the AIDS epidemic in the entire world.

ATC also partners in sponsoring orphanage schools where the children are often orphaned by HIV by providing funds for food as well as Ocean Treasure if there is need. 
"I was hungry, you gave me something to eat.  I was sick, you looked after me"  Matt. 25: 35-36
Balinda's Orphanage
Edwin & Dinah's Orphan School
Anthony's Orphanage
Ways We Earn Your Trust

We Believe in 

Our love for these children and our love for God fuels us.  
Because of this, you can always trust our motivations in all that we do.

100% Gifting
 We Keep Nothing

All operational & advertising expenses for ATC are paid for by one of our generous donors. This means 100% of your contributions will go directly to those suffering with HIV. Your donations are also tax deductible.

We Know Wisdom is Paramount

Our focus at Aid the Children is in using the key of strengthened immunity to unlock the door of health for children and adults struggling with HIV.

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