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A New Day

Aid the Children supports government issued Antiretroviral (ARV'S).
Ocean Treasure empowers ARV'S, creating a "2nd level" of protection. 

By adding Ocean Treasure to ARV'S, the body can fight even the deadliest A strain of HIV, transforming death sentences into new life.

The Incredible Results:

Restored Appetite

Ocean Treasure brings back a healthy appetite, allowing the body to be restored and become strengthened.

Healthy Skin

With immunity strengthened, rashes dissipate and skin quickly heals; the horrible itching is gone.

Strength to Work & Play

Even those riddled with strain A of the HIV virus find that their strength becomes restored, allowing them to joyfully return to work or school.

Sores Healed

With rashes healed and scratching diminished, sores are given the opportunity to finally heal.

Ringworm is Gone

The nasty fungal infection of Ringworm is quickly brought to a halt as the body fights back, enriched with trace minerals and phytonutrients.

Mental Health is Restored

The mind cannot help but become restored as the body grows stronger and social acceptance is restored. 

Years Restored

Lives are given new breath as the empowered immunity system trades a death sentence for years of rich, strong life.

Social Acceptance

As strength and vitality return, social rumors die and walls of fear fall, making way for restored relationships.

Happy Beginnings


Baby Fidel lost his mother to AIDS when he was only 6 months old.  Even more sadly, this little one had contracted the same vicious disease from his mother.  When Aid the Children found Fidel, he was wasting away.  At 2 years old, he still looked like an infant as HIV robbed him of proper growth.  After just a few months of receiving the our supplement, little Fidel thrived.  He is now a healthy and happy little boy.  Find his story video above in our video strip to hear more.


Nebert was suffering for five years from strain A HIV, the deadliest strain of AIDS that exists.  The six months before Aid the Children discovered him, he was completely bed ridden, down to under a 100 pounds.  He was currently on ARV'S (government issued viral treatment).  After a month of adding our supplement to his treatment, Nebert was no longer bedridden, gaining wonderful weight.  After just one  month he was resuming his life with healthy robust.


Mercy lives in Kenya with her loving aunt.  Mercy's mother died of AIDS and sadly this beautiful little girl contracted the virus from her mother.  When Aid the Children met her, little Mercy's body was covered in horrible rashes causing her to itch all day to the point of keeping her up all night.  Thankfully, after just 5 months of taking our supplement, the rash was completely gone from Mercy's body.  Her skin is now healthy and smooth and she has gotten back to a more joy-filled childhood.


This inspiring child escaped a horribly abusive situation and fled to the Abundant Life Orphanage in Thailand.  He was beaten, bleeding and severely dehydrated.  It was also discovered that he was dying from AIDS.  His HIV escalation was so bad, doctors were shocked he was even still alive.  Little Golf was put on our supplement and soon experienced miraculous results.  He is now a strong, thriving boy that doctors deemed a living miracle!

Aid the Children Helps Orphanages

Many orphaned children live without the security of when their next meal will be or when they will receive new shoes when their feet grow; let alone basic school fees so they can be empowered to learn. Now imagine a orphaned child living with the stigma and physical pain of HIV.
Imagine giving one precious soul hope for the rest of their life. Your gift can do just that. 

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