The Tragedy

The Tormenting  Sea of HIV

We cannot stop the waves, but we can 
build a stronger boat.


The Cruel Symptoms of HIV

Loss of Appetite

Appetite can virtually disappear, food tastes putrid.   This causes swift wasting away of the already fragile body. 

Head to Toe Rashes

Horrible itchy rashes cover the body from head to toe; the insistent scratching then opens the door to even more infection.

Bedridden Weakness

AIDS victims become weak from the body's inability to fight; many become sadly bedridden, unable to play or go to school.

Mouth Sores

HIV mainly attacks the Lymph system in the body, causing painful raw sores to form in the mouth and throat.


Weakened immune systems make bacterial infections sadly common.  Ringworm is one of the most prevalent of the AIDS symptoms.

Mental Agony

AIDS victims often succumb to mental distress, experiencing depression, despondency, melancholy and unease.

A Shortened Life

Those experiencing Type A strain of the AIDS virus often face a much shorter survival time. 


AIDS victims are sadly shunned by society in fear of catching the virus.  HIV is viewed by many cultures as witchcraft.  
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